Credits of 40,000 Euros to Individuals

If you are looking for information about Creditstair, in this post we analyze your legal data and how it works.

How you can ask for loans in Creditstair

How you can ask for loans in Creditstair


The way to request Loans in Creditstair is very fast, simple and all the processing is done online. The system is very similar to the one used by financial online fast loans for small amounts or mini loans.

First of all you have to go to their website where you have to choose the project between several options such as buying new and used cars, home renovations, computers, health, events and celebrations, trips and leisure, unify credits in a single installment, etc.

Once the destination of the money has been chosen, select the maximum amount of 40,000 euros and the term to return the capital plus the maximum interest 72 months.
Once the project has been chosen, the amount and the term go to the next page where Creditstair shows you 5 fee alternatives at different terms. For example: If you ask for 20,000 euros to buy a car, you have 5 possibilities:

  • Fee 339.82 Euros Term 72 months APR from 7.10%
  • Fee 392.23 Euros Term 60 months APR from 7.14%
  • Fee 472.59 Euros Term 48 months APR from 7.05%
  • Fee 608.72 Euros Term 36 months APR from 7.10%
  • Fee 884.13 Euros Term 24 months APR from 6.95%

Select the quota and term that best suits you and go to the next page where you have to report your email and personal and economic data. In other words, your first and last name, address, ID or residence card and economic data, what you earn each month, if you are self-employed or payroll and other monthly payments you have for credits and loans.

Creditstair P2P Loan Platform

Creditstair P2P Loan Platform


The Creditstair Loan system works through the form of P2P crowlending between individuals. That is, this platform connects those individuals who need money with other individuals and companies that are willing to lend their capital looking for a better return they get in banks through the traditional products of Term-Fixed and Investment Funds.
The advantage of this type of platform is that it eliminates the intermediation of the bank and therefore can obtain better interest rates and has the possibility of obtaining the loan when it has been denied by its bank or Savings Bank.

Requirements to Request Loans in Creditstair


As in the rest of Banks and Financial, Creditstair puts some requirements and conditions to grant its Credits:

  • Be a resident in Spain presenting a valid ID or Resident Card
  • Provide proof of income that can be payroll, pension, rents, aid, etc.
  • If the amount you need is more than 10,000 euros, you will be asked for bank movements from your checking account or passbook.
  • Not be in the registry of delinquent Financial Credit Institutions.
  • Provide a copy of the DNI or Resident Card on both sides.
  • Age between 18 and 70 years.
  • Have an email, operative mobile number and checking account in a bank.

How credits are amortized in Creditstair

How credits are amortized in Creditstair


At the time of requesting the Loan, you authorize to direct the installments in your bank account.
You must have sufficient balance to meet the payment of fees in order to avoid returns with the consequent damage of late payment interests and subsequent claims that the financial company can make.

The monthly installments are paid on day one of each month, so it is convenient that you allocate a portion of your payroll to the payment of the fee taking into account the date of your salary.

You can also make early cancellations in which case you can choose between reducing the final expiration of the operation or reducing the amount of fees to be paid.
However, you should keep in mind that early repayments may have a commission up to 1%.

Customer service phone on Creditstair

Customer service phone on Creditstair


Creditstair does not display your phone on the website and sends us for all types of information to your contact form.
At the same time, once you have inserted all your data in the platform, the financial company can contact you by phone to clarify any doubts that may exist.
If you already have a Creditstair customer service telephone number, you can provide it in the comments on this page that will help other users.

Opinions about Creditstair


More and more individuals are requesting money on the internet through the online financial fast loans when it comes to small amounts and through crowlanding platforms when larger amounts are needed.

The opinion of Creditstair and other similar platforms such as Comunitae, etc. It is usually quite favorable since it allows individuals to finance at lower rates than those offered by banks and even get the loan when banks deny it for different reasons.

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